Project Decscription

Forth Ports came to Denvir in early 2016 to refresh their brand and strengthen their position in the marketplace. As an operator of ports, we discovered that they have a really strong unique selling point. They are the only UK operator of ports in both London and Edinburgh. This was a huge opportunity to stake their claim in the market place. Out task in a nutshell: re-position Forth Ports making use of this USP, and evolve the brand to complement it.

We helped to develop and position the new brand, Capital Cruising, drawing on their heritage, values and USP. Capital Cruising embodies the service Forth Ports offer; cruise line port destinations in both England and Scotland’s capital cities. We incorporated a nautical feature; the pothole, and developed a font suite and classic British colour pallet which both represents their heritage and appeals to an international market.

An initial test was the production of a brand brochure, where we worked with the newly created brand elements. The result produced a fresh, confident brand, which re-positions and evolves their identity and helps them reach new audiences.

Project Details