Invest East Ayrshire

Project Decscription

East Ayrshire Council identified the need for a new investment brand for the area to support and showcase the thriving business community and strong investment opportunities available. The Invest East Ayrshire brand, launched in November 2016, was developed through a highly-informed research process in consultation with the core target audience. Central to the brand development was not only logo creation but website development, video production, photography, event assets and collateral which was all launched at an informative event.

The project commenced with a robust research phase which included market context, competitor analysis and primary stakeholder research which was pivotal to the project and provided three major themes and supporting messaging that was used in the creative development of the brand identity.

What makes East Ayrshire different? Our research highlighted the strong business community, hard-working and loyal workforce and public sector support. It was therefore important that the logo creatively interpreted this as well as the supporting marketing material.

The brand identity and website were launched at an event in Dumfries House to the business community where stakeholders were educated and inspired on the opportunity for business growth in East Ayrshire. This was complemented with an integrated communication plan which included PR, advertising and social media.

Project Details