Project Decscription

The invention of Mr Macaroni

We love working with McIntosh of Strathmore. So, when they approached us to build an integrated campaign to launch a new range of delicious macaroni pots, we were delighted and keen to get started. The new pots came in a range of three delicious flavour combinations; spicy Mexicana, smoky Applewood and meaty bacon macaroni. With an already loyal customer base it was our job to build a campaign to introduce these new and exciting flavours and encourage trial. We knew that once they tried it, customers would naturally be coming back for more.

Our research and insight told us that busy mums with kids don’t have much time to stop and sample food and drink produce and that we had to engage kids as part of the family shopping experience. A few brainstorms later and Mr. Macaroni was born! Our favourite mascot was designed to engage families and soon became the heart and soul of a cross-media campaign spanning experiential in-store activity, radio promotion, interactive and social media. Today he’s still touring the length and breadth of Scotland, meeting families and introducing them to McIntosh of Strathmore’s flavoursome dishes and putting smiles on children’s faces.

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