Project Decscription

Marine Products Scotland approached Denvir in 2016 with the aim to define, and build their brand. They sit in a fairly crowded marketplace of fish and seafood producers in Scotland, and wanted to stand out from their competitors. Our task; to create a brand identity and design strategy which reflected their heritage, authenticity and character. Our challenge was; how do you brand a fish company without using fish? We explored forming the basis of our identity around the iconic seabird, the Gannet. We developed a detailed, accurate illustration of The Gannet in a modern interpretation of the traditional woodcut style. The woodcut style of the brand gave way naturally to a suite of woodcut inspired vector graphics.

We have helped our client build a design strategy which will work seamlessly across all aspects of their business, including stationery, websites, promotional literature, signage and wayfinding, packaging and advertising. This design strategy has allowed our client to showcase their brand in a way that provides real stand out in their field.

Project Details