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Brand & Identity

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Brand & Identity

Denvir has years of experience across all aspects of brand creation, development, and activation. Whether it needs a ‘shot in the arm’ or building from the ground up, Denvir offers everything you need to make your brand >GREAT.

Creation & Development

It all begins with great research. From surveys to in-depth interviews, mall testing to intimate focus groups, we have the means to harvest all the critical information you could need. More than that, we have the expertise to analyse data and mine deep insight into your market, consumer and brand, This allows us to develop bespoke brand strategy and campaign plans that will drive results for your brand.
Last (but certainly not least) our in-house creative team get to work their magic. They design everything your brand needs, from identity and packaging, to websites and assets, delivering a visually stunning brand that captures the imagination of your customers.


We realise that there is more behind a >GREAT brand than meets the eye. Whether it is a new brand launch or a fresh new look, effective activation is key. That is why we offer a full range of services to position your brand front of mind with consumers. We will work with you to develop and deliver the best possible plan for your brand, incorporating any number of activation methods:
• Website Design
• E-commerce
• App development
• Digital
• Social
• Content
• PR
• TV, Radio and Print
• Experiential & Promotions
Our integrated approach means we field multi-skilled teams to develop and deliver multi-mix campaigns that mean greater reach and greater impact whilst we ensure that you get the best return for you budget.

Digital & Social

Regardless of industry, in today’s market more than ever, the battle of the brands is being won and lost online. The digital world can be a fast moving and complicated place, often making it hard to manage online activity effectively. Thankfully, the Digital Denvirites are on hand to help give your brand more bite per byte.
Our number one digital tip is “don’t invite people over if your house is a mess!” Consumers increasingly research products and services online and, for many people, your website will be the crucial first impression of your brand. Our creative team are masters of impactful website design, including e-commerce sites with focussed customer journey optimisation. This ensures the sites we design and build are both a joy to visit and to use.
Once the you have your beautiful online home, we use SEO to help your website climb the search engine rankings, making sure everyone can find you, and increasing site visits. However, not all page views are equal, so we combine targeted digital advertising and PPC to drive high quality traffic to your site. By supporting or managing your social media activity we can build and maintain your brand audience through engaging content creation.
We don’t stop there! If you want to take your digital campaigns to the next level, we can integrate QR codes into our creative work. These will take customers who scan the code directly to any digital content you want them to engage with.
Need an app? We can design and develop your app, promote App Store search rankings, and use QR codes to take customers straight to your app to increase downloads.
Whatever services you choose, we will work with you to develop an integrated digital marketing plan that helps your brand create the biggest possible impression, in an increasingly ‘noisy’ online environment.


If there is one thing our award-winning experiential marketing team know, it’s that digital, print and even TV can’t always deliver the personal touch a brand needs. There is no better opportunity to engage with consumers and express the personality of your brand, than face-to-face with an experiential campaign.
We have our own army of enthusiastic, professional, and most importantly ever-engaging Brand Ambassadors, ready to deliver your brand to the world. However, make no mistake, our BAs do a lot more than just hand out flyers or product samples. They actively drive sales, directing customers to your product in-store or online. They are also experienced in conducting market research, collecting insights directly from the customer, which forms a vital part of our retail activation campaigns.
We love creating experiences that really make your brand stand out, presenting it in the best possible light with every consumer engagement. We create truly lasting impressions through our integrated campaign approach, be it via social, digital, content or PR.
From socially engaging experiential campaigns across the UK, to in-store product sampling, to staffing major events such as Royal Highland Show, to project managing expos like Tesco’s Taste of Scotland and Northern Ireland food festivals, our team have it covered. We can handle every step of the planning and execution, including integrated PR and social media activity to maximise publicity around your brand activity.
As with all our services, we work with you to create an experiential marketing plan that will best fit your needs and resources. Only one thing never changes, however big or small the campaign, your brand will be represented as the very best, by the very best.